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    All the case studies here are examples of our market knowledge. We have the biggest and most experienced legal and compliance recruiting team in Japan, and it’s not even close. Our recruiting experience in Tokyo goes back nearly twenty years. But that’s really not market knowledge is it? It’s valuable, but it’s just data, not knowledge.

    If somebody has spent any time in private practice in Japan in the past twenty years, then someone on our team knows them or knows of them.

    A Fortune 100 client needed to hire a replacement for a rather senior outgoing attorney. They had specific requirements regarding experience (VP level), skills and full bilingual ability. Salary was not an issue. Luckily for them, people want to work there and they typically hire the best in their industry.

    Turning us loose to do what we do best

    The client knew that the pool of candidates would potentially be large, but they also knew that the value of using JUST LEGAL was to save them time, by trusting the recruiter to evaluate for cultural fit and not just collect CVs. We had worked together before and there was a lot of mutual trust, so they challenged us to a simple task that spoke to our market knowledge.

    They asked us to:

    “Go away, do your thing, and come back to us with a top-ten list of candidates who would be a good fit for the role and our culture. We’ll meet the top three and hope to hire one of them.”

    Ah, the perfect client! We came back with a list of eight, including a very strong top three. They knew two of the top three, and they met with all three, and eventually hired the person we had listed as number one. Case closed, and a happy client who told us, “You guys get us.” Yes we do, but that’s because they have always given us access to decision makers, who answer our questions, continually give us insight into the organization, and confirm their needs.

    The lesson:

    Partnership is built on the trust of delivering on your word. And it is incredibly efficient when both parties respect each other’s expertise.

    PS: And what about the other two candidates? We helped one get a job in a different industry as a Head of Legal. And the other candidate, who our client didn’t already know, impressed them during the interviews but just wasn’t as strong as the consensus first choice. However, six months later a new role opened and she was hired for that.