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  • Pharma Benrishi

    Last year a long-time friend and former job seeker, now a hiring manager, called one of our Partners looking for a number two for her team. This was not the Partner’s area of expertise.

    While the Partner could certainly do the search, there were others within the company who had more experience in this very specific area — finding a Benrishi (Japanese IP lawyer). The Partner went to the briefing meeting the next day with another Partner (who was more of an expert) and another member of our team. After the meeting we decided on a plan of attack.

    Everybody pitches in

    Step one was contacting our Amsterdam office, where our long-time secret weapon —Koichiro Suzuki — works, to enlist his help in making a long list that accurately captured the entire universe of potential candidates.

    Step two was contacting everyone on the list, in an effort to set up meetings where the Partner in charge could pitch the job to anyone who might be interested. It was a pretty long list, so two more people on our team were brought in to work through the list more quickly.

    Hands on deck count so far: one for the introduction, one to oversee the search, one to head the research and three more to do the heavy lifting of calling everyone on the long list.

    Funnily enough, the candidate who got the job was an introduction from another Partner who had worked with the individual years earlier and a different search.

    Success — it’s a team effort

    The lesson:

    Ten heads are better than one (and a hell of a lot faster)

    And because of the way we all work together, something like this happens almost every day at Just Legal.