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    At Just Legal when you speak with one of us,  you are speaking with our entire team.

    We spend our entire day talking with one another about people, jobs, companies and market ideas. Our office is like a trading desk – just as hectic but hopefully more polite – but certainly vocal, interactive and information-driven allowing each of us to know what is happening in the market so you always have update information.

    That’s why we tell you not to be surprised if someone else on our team contacts you to tell you about a new job or to clarify some interest that you may or may not have. Working together allows us to do more for you and offer you a one-stop solution for your career search or hiring needs.

    It’s easy to say but difficult to achieve. Big recruiting companies don’t have the people, the process or the market knowledge. And independents can’t cover the entire market alone like a strong team of like-minded professionals can.

    Our standards, by contrast, are very high.

    We hire for attitude and relevant experience, and everyone has to buy into our culture and methodology.  This is all to say that we trust one another and share information, because we understand the value we can create together. We depend on one another.

    The example below is but one example of our teamwork.

    A Senior Associate at a top firm here in Tokyo decided that partnership was not likely going to happen for her, and she wanted to make a change. She was open to partnership elsewhere if she could get it, or moving in-house, and she was open to any industry. Well Ma’am, you’ve come to the right place.

    James introduced a VP role at a securities company, Paul introduced Senior Counsel roles at a media company and a computer company, Haruna introduced three insurance companies, Tim introduced two possible Partnership roles at law firms and at a Japanese investment firm, and Hiroshi introduced her to a bank. She had multiple offers, and accepted the bank job.

    The lesson:

    Knowledge is more powerful when shared