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    I get a lot of calls from recruiters and it’s driving me crazy. There is one persistent lady who keeps calling me every couple of weeks, despite me not wanting to meet or speak with her.

    How do I get her off my case and find some peace during work hours?


    Lacking Interest

    Dear Lacking

    For goodness sake…what is wrong with you? This one’s pretty simple: just say no!

    If you are not interested, tell the recruiter(s) that. Maybe it’s bad timing, perhaps the job or company doesn’t interest you, or that you simply can’t or don’t want to move. The recruiter will understand if you just politely say no and, ideally, give a reason for the lack of interest. However, if you keep her wondering she will likely keep calling until she knows for sure.

    It’s not in her interest to be calling someone who is not interested in speaking with her, but until you tell her as much she will likely think that maybe, just maybe, you are open to speaking – again, until she knows otherwise. Do her and yourself a favor, and be straight. She will appreciate the clarity.

    Some people simply have no interest in speaking with a recruiter for whatever reason. Perhaps they are in their dream job and are being paid more than they ever dreamed. If so, great, you’re in the tiny minority. Recruiters typically have busy schedules and they don’t want to be bothering people who have absolutely no interest in receiving their calls. If you have zero interest in knowing about that elusive dream opportunity (because you already have it!) then just say no. Avoiding a recruiter’s calls is rarely the answer. Either he/she will keep calling…or will never call you again – and that means missing out on a potential dream opportunity.

    However, even after you say no, and if you do have a few minutes to speak, why not tell the recruiter what may get your attention – no matter how niche, unusual or specific –  and ask her to call you if she ever comes across such an opportunity? You’re not committing to anything, you’re simply asking to be kept informed. Should the recruiter call you back with an opportunity in which she expects you to be interested, you can always say ‘thank you but NO thank you’.

    Is it so difficult to say no? Give it a try. You will save both of you some time.


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