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    (1) Careful with what you may find under your mask
    Do you think your facial expressions remain the same as they were before COVID-19? Well, this article says they don’t – we now rely much more on reading people’s eyes to determine their expressions. Before your online interviews, don’t forget to relax your facial muscles and “smile”. 
    According to researchers, it is said that the function of our facial muscles haven’t been used as much as when you wear a mask.  There is simply no need to focus on expressing emotion with the covered areas of our nose and mouth
    Many of you “think” that you are smiling naturally or trying to show good impressions on your face when being interviewed online, however, you may not be expressing yourself via your facial expressions as much as you think you areWorking on your facial expressions is more crucial than ever when it comes to online interviews, as your facial muscles have not been getting used like they used to naturally.
    COVID-19 may calm down when time goes by, but you need to make sure your face doesn’t get rested too much under your mask. If you have an interview coming up, look in a mirror, smile, and keep it for 5 minutes. Let it stay that way until your interview starts!
    (2) “Remote Work” isn’t the “New Normal” anymore?
    This article says you don’t have to show up at work as your hologram will be there instead:

    “Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs, a video collaboration technology company, predicted that virtual reality and the metaverse will come to the workplace. He said, “Our 2021 State of Remote Work survey showed that 56% of workers are interested in using virtual reality and holograms at work. In 2022, we’ll start to see the acceptance, and in some cases adoption of these kinds of immersive virtual experiences that bring employees together, regardless of whether they’re remote or in person.”

    So…bring on the Metaverse?!

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