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  • If you are lucky enough to get a job interview in this stagnant legal & compliance market in Japan, it will very likely be carried out by video conference (VC). This is a new exercise for many, and while the content preparation will be similar to a face to face meeting, here are a few things to watch for a successful online interview:

     1. Download the appropriate video conference platform for your interview:

    The most commonly used platforms of late include Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, among others, and the company with whom you are interviewing will usually share a link for you to connect to.

    Make sure that you download the appropriate tool and confirm that you are able to use it ahead of time. Do not wait until right before the interview to do so; in case there are issues with your computer or you have issues downloading the platform, you should then have enough time to fix it prior to the interview.

    2. Test your connection in advance:

    Make sure that your internet connection is stable, and the VC platform is working smoothly, well before your scheduled interview time (and date, ideally).

    3. Dress code:

    Video conference interviews are not necessarily more casual, which goes for the dress code as well. However, as with an in-person interview, it will depend on the company with which you are interviewing. Some companies will expect a more formal dress code, while others would prefer business casual. If in doubt, ask your recruiter for advice.

    4. Environment:

    As many people continue to work from home, interviewers will typically be more understanding of an interview environment that is less than ideal, including, for example, background noise or family/personal effects in the background. However, as much as possible, try to reduce noise so that you can focus and so that the interviewer can hear you. Additionally, it is polite give your interviewer a heads-up at the beginning of the meeting if you expect  some background noise.

    5. Remember it’s an interview:

    Finally, just as with any interview, prepare in advance. Ask your recruiters for tips and likely questions, who the interviewers are, what to expect, etc. Make sure you start preparing early in order to have sufficient time to ask your recruiter questions before your interview if any arise during your preparation.

    Good luck!

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