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    I am currently interviewing with several companies and I got offered by one company after the first interview. Is this unusual?

    Hi Whatsgoingon

    Dear Whatsgoingon,

    We have seen companies substantially accelerating their interviewing process recently, particularly over the first few months of 2019. The legal hiring market has been very active since late 2018 and we have seen many candidates getting multiple offers. Given how aggressively many companies are hiring, we are seeing other companies having to move more quickly than they usually would in order to retain suitable talent. This often results in shorter interviewing processes which can surprise some candidates, like you. 

    Do not read too much into it. This simply means that the company believes that you are a great fit and they do not want to miss the chance to hire you because of a timing issue.

    You might not have enough information to make a decision. If you are not sure yet and you need to find out more about the company or the role before making a decision, speak with your recruiter for advice. Often, companies can offer additional, casual meetings with team members for you to get more familiar with their working environment and scope of the role.

    Do not hesitate too long. Often you will find yourself interviewing with several companies at the same time, and receiving an offer earlier than you expected can disrupt your own timing. Should that happen you should share the information with the other companies you are considering to give them the speed up their process as well. Ideally, you will be in the position where you have multiple offers from which to choose, although this can be hard to achieve. It is therefore essential for you to constantly be thinking about each company you meet, and prioritizing your list of companies as you are interviewing, in order to be ready to make a decision as needed.

    As much as a quick offer might surprise, it is a positive thing – if you are well prepared for it. 

    Best of luck,


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