Koichiro Suzuki

Practice Areas:

In-house Corporate, Private Practice, Compliance, Financial Services

A founding member of Just Legal, Koichiro has been in the recruiting market in Tokyo for almost ten years. Koichiro started his recruiting career as a researcher, where he developed extensive market knowledge about Japan's Legal and Compliance industries, and career options within domestic and international companies.

Today he finds himself in the Netherlands but continues to work with our tightly knit team, sourcing candidates throughout the globe, and often being Just Legal's first contact for many. To all who know him, Koichiro is one of those people that you cannot help but envy because of the balance he achieves in his life. He is multilingual, speaking Japanese, English, French and Portuguese; is a black belt and an instructor of Aikido and Capoeira; has a university degree in global contemporary dance; teaches children Japanese part-time in his new country, and is always the first person to say "I'll help" or "I'll do it."

His current role at Just Legal is candidate-sourcing both globally and within Japan, as he works with our team closely to fulfil our clients' most pressing needs.