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    We had just started Just Legal and had been out of the market for six months at the time on gardening leave. We went to a long-term client, a tech giant, to ask them to restart our relationship.

    They said,

    “We know you, but we already have a lot of vendors, including your old company. We don’t need any more recruiters.”

    We had expected this — it’s always tough to restart and prove yourself again.

    We asked about searches and troubles they might be having, and they told us that they had a really tough search looking for a lawyer to cover a niche area for their business.

    We offered a deal:

    “If we can close this for you, will you work with us again?”

    They agreed, but didn’t think we had a chance. However, we know big-company recruiters — if the person isn’t on LinkedIn, then they might as well not exist. Further, these recruiters typically work on a search for two or three days and then give up to work on something easier. That’s their business model. And it has fuelled a global industry where mediocre work is incredibly profitable.

    The harder we work, the luckier we get

    And so we plowed into the search, found someone for them, and within four months the person started working. We didn’t do anything new or unusual to achieve this result. While a number of qualified attorneys had been contacted many times, there were also a number of people who had not heard of the opportunity.

    We introduced a number of candidates and along the way we had one candidate turn down an offer because her current situation was just too good. In the end our client got a great candidate and we opened the door to a renewed relationship.

    The lesson:

    When the going gets tough, most recruiters are gone, but that’s when Just Legal gets going.

    Also, a long-term relationship starts on Day One, and (hopefully) never stops.