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  • The legal recruiting market in Japan is nearly at a standstill and opportunities are scarce. It is not a great time to be looking for a job. If you are lucky enough to be employed and have a (relatively) stable stream of income, you are in a good place. Wait for the storm to be over before resuming your search. The days, however, might be feeling long and some people might not be feeling particularly productive these days.

    While waiting for the world to get back to normal, here are few ideas to keep your days busy and to stay productive with the goal of resuming your job search once the current slowdown caused by the pandemic is over.

    1. Update your CV

    Creating or updating your resume is usually time-consuming, but this is a good time to get it done – whether you are considering a job change or not. It will save you time in the future as it is easier to update periodically than to try to remember what you did years or even months ago. Ask your recruiter to review it and to give you some tips.

    In the same spirit, update your transaction list (often required for private practice roles) and your LinkedIn profile.

    1. Add some experience

    Take the online class you have been wanting to take for so long but never could due to your busy schedule, catch-up on your reading. While it might not add massive value to your resume, it will keep your mind active and show a potential hiring manager that you kept your appetite for learning and development alive, even during slow times.

    1. Connect with people and build long term relationships

    It’s a good time to stay in touch with colleagues and recruiters that you know and to connect with new people (online, using tools such as LinkedIn) to build new, meaningful, long-term relationships that might help jump-start your job search at the end of this. Everybody has a little more time recently, and most people should be open to connect more easily and exchange thoughts and stories about current and past experiences.

    It is also a good time to take that call from or reach out to a recruiter. He/she will likely tell you that the market is completely inactive, but it gives you a chance to connect and get closer to someone you may need in the future. Your recruiter will value this approach and it will ultimately make him want to work harder for you.

    1. Take care of your mental and physical health

    Most of all, take care of your mental and physical health (see our related article about your mental wellbeing while working from home: http://www.justlegal.co.jp/mental-wellbeing-while-working-from-home/). If you come out of this, physically and mentally fit, you will be able to start your job search in a positive and optimistic mood, as opposed to being worn out and jaded. 

    Stay healthy and reach out to us for any questions, or just to say hello…

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