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    A friendly client of ours passed our name along to another company’s Head of HR. He said that they were having a tough time making an important hire, and would it be okay if he introduced us. A quick introductory phone call was arranged for the next day.

    During our call the HR said that they had given an exclusive to a big global recruitment firm here in Tokyo for one month, but it was not going well. They were getting a lot of CVs, but none were being forwarded to the hiring manager. The CVs were all off the mark for a number of reasons and this was becoming a huge waste of time — the exact opposite of the reason one should use a recruiter.

    The exclusive period was to end in one week, and she asked us to get ready. 

    We inquired more about their needs, and it turned out that all they were looking for was a bilingual junior- to mid-level corporate attorney. Huh? There are hundreds in Tokyo… We thought there must have been something unsaid here — it didn’t make sense.

    The combination of skills and cultural fit adds up to a good hire

    The week went by and the search was opened to us. We submitted five people on the second day, and we thought we’d wait to see if indeed there was anything strange about this company or this search that explained the trouble in completing the job.

    There wasn’t. All five were interviewed, and they made an offer to one attorney within two weeks of meeting him. To this day, it remains a head-scratcher for us, but it’s not uncommon. If you have tried using a big recruiting company you have probably had a similar experience. So many big company recruiters are solely focused on meeting their internal targets that they just send out CVs without thinking about you or your organization. All we did is vet the potential candidates as ask them if they would be ok working for a small company and with taking responsibility where sometimes issues would fail in the grey-zone and we let our client know the responses. They seemed to appreciate this.


    We use our brains. That isn’t a particularly high bar for achievement but when you consider modern day agency recruitment, it’s not something they can do.

    We do the work and the thinking and you make the decisions.