Missing a key person in your team can result in thinly stretched resources, postponed business decisions and create a less than optimal workplace environment. With our unparalleled knowledge of the labour market, we'll cut through all the noise by vetting the entire market and introducing only the most suitable candidates, quickly and efficiently to give you the information you need to make the best hire.

Our Areas of Expertise

Private Practice (Bengoshi, Attorneys, Support Professionals)

The Tokyo private practice market continues to change. International firms are more specialized than a decade ago, and under increased pressure from home offices to be profitable. Local firms are feeling the stress of growing costs, and a shrinking domestic market forcing them to become more profit-focused and business savvy. As a result the Japanese legal market has reached a point of maturity where only the best-run practices and sharpest minds that serve the ever-changing needs of their clients with increased efficiency will survive.

Just Legal has had more success in and has more knowledge of Tokyo’s private practice world than anyone else and we are best served to guide you through the market. Please contact:

Compliance, Regulatory and Corporate Governance

This ever-growing field is becoming the cornerstone of financial and corporate viability. Compliance overseas everything these days and regulatory restrictions are unlikely to be relaxed any time soon.

The market is suffering from a constant shortage of qualified candidates and consequently hiring requires a deliberate strategy that considers the potential needs of the future, not just the immediate.

To understand the market today through the longest serving compliance recruitment team in Japan please contact:

In-house Corporate – Bengoshi and Foreign Qualified Lawyers

In-house searches for multinationals and Japanese corporates continue to keep us busy, with companies across a range of industries still looking to increase the size of their legal departments, including many companies hiring in-house counsel for the first time.

Our track record in placing lawyers – Japanese and foreign-qualified – in-house is extensive and growing, and we have close to over a decade of success across every industry -- technology, manufacturing, life sciences, retail, and professional services.

As the largest legal recruitment team in Japan, our size enables us to present numerous options to individuals and multiple relevant and ready candidates for mission critical roles after and more effectively than anyone else in the market.

The size of our team enables us to present multiple candidates to companies who need to hire. To find the right member for your in-house team, contact:

In-house Financial Services (Banking & Finance, Insurance, Funds, Real Estate Finance, more)

While the banking and finance market has decreased in size over the past decade, it remains an important one, and when a bank or financial institution needs to hire a lawyer they come to us for our knowledge of the market and the best professionals in it.

No one knows the Tokyo in-house banking and finance market better than we do, and many of our finance searches are exclusive to Just Legal. As a hiring manager, we give you access to every possible target candidate.

If you're looking for the best possible fit for your organization, let us show you that we can deliver. Contact:

How we work


We zero in on the specific candidates who can meet your specific needs.

Long Term

We invest our time in ongoing research to support your business.

Honest Advice

We provide straightforward advice based on your business interests.

Market Knowledge

We draw on twenty years of hard-earned market knowledge and experience.

Our Success Stories

Learn more about our previous searches and how we conduct our services.

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In-house Corporate Counsel – Global Logistics

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