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  • While the global disruption caused by COVID-19 is slowly easing, we should not forget about the potential continuing negative effects on our mental health.  We don’t necessarily need to be having mental health problems but we should be monitoring our mental health and our state of mind regularly; we should be aware.
    A very easy first step is to ask yourself, “Have I paid attention to my mental health recently?”. If the answer is no, please read (or re-read) this article to remind yourself how much of a huge impact the pandemic has had on our mental health. 
    What triggers mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety may differ from person to person. However, the key takeaway for me from reading this was that we should be conscious of constantly monitoring our mental health; if you sense even a little darkness or negativity setting in, that sign alone should be enough for you to acknowledge that all may not be well – which is key in taking the first step forward to hopefully avoiding letting things get worse.

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