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  • Early Summer 2021 market update – COVID keeping Japan closed


    It's now June 2021 and, thankfully, the legal market continues to trend upwards here in Tokyo.  We are seeing more law firms resume or increase hiring, as well as a steadily increasing demand for in-house counsel and compliance professionals.  So, wh... read more

    by Paul Cochrane
    Private Practice, Compliance, In-house Corporate

    Early Spring 2021 market update – trending up


    March 2021, and we're still grappling with COVID-19.  A year ago, when the Diamond Princess debacle was blowing up in the news, who would have thought that we would still be living with covid and largely continuing to work remotely?&n... read more

    by Paul Cochrane
    Private Practice, Compliance, In-house Corporate

    Autumn 2020 market update – a glimmer of hope


    October 2020.  It's been a long, tough year for many globally and the light at the end of the tunnel remains some way off while the world waits on the development of vaccines to combat COVID-19 and continues to juggle lockdowns/restrictions with eco... read more

    by Paul Cochrane
    Private Practice, Compliance, In-house Corporate

    What are you doing FOR YOU during the pandemic?


    Like many, I’m working from home and expect to for a while. Even if Japan tries to open up, there isn’t likely going to be much recruiting needed by our clients to justify going into the office. Of course, I hope I’m wrong but that’s where we are tod... read more

    by James Graham
    Private Practice, Healthcare Industry

    What job seekers should know ahead of the post-COVID-19 market


    With the market currently stagnating in the wake of COVID-19, the balance between supply and demand in the job market for lawyers and compliance officers has changed. Specifically, the number of job openings has dropped to much less than half compare... read more

    by Yuki Wada
    Financial Services, Compliance, Private Practice

    Online Interview Tips


    If you are lucky enough to get a job interview in this stagnant legal & compliance market in Japan, it will very likely be carried out by video conference (VC). This is a new exercise for many, and while the content preparation will be similar to... read more

    by Justy
    Career Advice

    Keeping yourself busy and preparing for a better market


    The legal recruiting market in Japan is nearly at a standstill and opportunities are scarce. It is not a great time to be looking for a job. If you are lucky enough to be employed and have a (relatively) stable stream of income, you are in a good pla... read more

    by Justy
    Career Advice

    Mental wellbeing while working from home


    In order to adapt to these highly unusual circumstances that much of the world is currently facing, many companies and law firms have implemented business continuity plans. As the weeks and months of isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic continue... read more

    by Justy
    Career Advice