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    Dear Justy I'm a fourth year corporate lawyer from Singapore and it's been my dream to work in Japan. I've been learning Japanese on my own for 5 years and have no probl... read more

    Recruitment Business 202


    By Sai1026 ... read more

    Recruitment Business 201


    By Sai1026 ... read more

    Recruitment Business 102


    By Sai1026 ... read more

    Recruitment Business 101


    By Sai1026 ... read more

    Japan Legal Market: what’s going on?


    Hi Justy, Recently, I have been contacted by recruiters more than ever before, what is going on? Thank you, Mr. Busybusy Dear Busybusy, Supported by expansion and ... read more

    As a foreign lawyer, do I need Japanese?


    Dear Justy  I'm with a good law firm in New York.  It's not top tier, but we punch above our weight and do some solid corporate work.   I've always been interested in ... read more

    Let’s talk about money


    Hi Justy, I am now interviewing with several companies. One of my priorities for this move is compensation. I am really hoping for a raise, and if I do not receive an of... read more

    Offer after only one interview? What to do?


    Dear Justy, I am currently interviewing with several companies and I got offered by one company after the first interview. Is this unusual? Hi Whatsgoingon Dear What... read more

    Breaking the myth: being a working parent is a disadvantage in a job search


    Dear Justy,  I recently returned to my job from parenting leave and I am struggling to balance my family life and work. I currently have a busy role and I wish to move i... read more

    Mr. Jones from ABC is calling???????


    Dear Justy   I love your column and think you have a lot of useful information.    Here’s my question: I’m a 3rd year foreign attorney working at a big company. We ge... read more