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  • We find that many candidates, when looking for work, will often prefer to work with multiple agents, wrongly assuming that it will increase their chances in their job search by thinking that this will ensure that they cover the entire market.

    This is true, for example at the junior level. However for mid-career and senior professionals we often advise against this practice for multiple reasons:

    • Agents will usually work less hard for you if they know that you are applying to a number of roles through other recruiters and therefore you will likely find yourself getting fewer calls, less opportunities. Agents need to make a living too, and while most agents genuinely want to help candidates (we do care!), they need to focus their efforts on candidates who are actually willing to work with them in a partnership;

    • It will result in an inconsistent strategy: your preferences, expectations, industry preference, coverage etc., will typically change as your search progresses. It will be difficult for you to update several agents and failing to do so will result in you getting opportunities that do not match what you are looking for anymore;

    • Dealing with multiple agents will make it difficult for you to keep track of your applications and it will not allow you the same opportunities to to build strong, trusted relationships with agents who can then look out for you more proactively and with your best interests at heart.

    Try working with just one agency you trust – a specialized one, that is capable to cover the entire market for you and then decide on a strategy together. If your agent knows that you are committed to him/her, that person(s) will commit to you and go the extra mile. You will also be able to get to understand each other better and build a trusted long-term relationship. It will also be easier for you to keep track of your applications and you will have only one contact person to follow-up with. You want to have someone you trust, working in your best interests and not just some random agent who sent you a job description first.

    At Just Legal we work as a team and share all market and candidate information internally. That allows us to cover the entire legal and compliance market for candidates, regardless of the industry. That is why many candidates trust us with their job search exclusively because they know that if they commit to us, we will give them 100% of our attention and go the extra mile for them. For example, we sometimes offer to reach out to companies of the candidates’ choice and investigate/inquire about potential hiring needs for the candidate. This is very time consuming but it is the kind of service we are happy to provide to candidates who chose to work with us exclusively.

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